Infectious mono, peripheral smear, low power showing atypical lymphocytosis. Source: by Ed Uthman

Is it Mononucleosis or what is it?

Timely, accurate diagnosis of infectious mononucleosis can help us target treatment, assure patient safety and provide an accurate prognosis. Mononucleosis is a viral illness most commonly found among patients 5 – 25 years of age and in particular those 16-20 among whom approximately 1 in 13 will present with sore throat..

Do NOT offer juices to children!

Up until recently, we were advising parents and caregivers against juice consumption in infants 6 months and younger. There is simply no nutritional benefit in juice. Now, earlier this year, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has expanded its recommendation against offering juice to all infants 12 months and under.

You think you are ready to have children? After taking this awesome test you MAY not be so sure anymore!

Dear readers, particularly potential and future parents: As you know, my blog is about healthy living practices and information that can improve and maintain your good health but this post may be somewhat different and no less important; although it could be argued that parenthood affects health in more ways than one – for example, you’ll never suffer from as many different varieties of colds combined with fatigue and lack of sleep as in the first few years of being a parent; in addition, the amount of stress and entropy progressively increase.

Ebola 101

Ebola is a viral illness and one of many Hemorrhagic Fevers (to hemorrhage means to bleed). This is a severe disease, which begins abruptly and is often fatal and during this current outbreak, its reported fatality is in 55-60% of cases; some recover while others die and the reason for this remains unknown but it is noted that the immune response to the virus remains low at the time of death in individuals who do not recover.