How to briefly thwart anxiety with technology – it may be simpler than you think

Dear readers: Anxiety can be really upsetting and unhealthy. Anyone who has experienced its peaking extreme (Panic Attack) knows immediately what I mean; even without such an attack, anxiety can disturb our daily functioning.

Anxiety is the fear of future, often times exaggerated and without a clear reason. This is because our brains think and imagine many possible future scenarios and worry over a number of outcomes, which in reality may never come to pass. Our brains anticipate too much – we have anticipating machines in our heads.

One good way to deal with anxiety, at least momentarily, is to clear our minds of any thoughts about future – not even as near a future as the next hour.
Dale Carnegie calls this – “Day-tight compartments” – meaning that we shouldn’t worry about tomorrow until it comes and he said famously: “Many of the things we worry bout will never happen”.

In this sense, being modern humans, we can try and use available technology and infrastructure to meditate on the present moment and clear our minds of any future scenarios; we can accept our existence in a technologically advanced world and just explore the intricate workings of an urban environment thinking solely about the present moment in which we are part of larger congregations of complexly linked city dwellers.

Public transportation of any modern city is one good way to use technology for anti-anxiety time. Ride on a subway or a tramway or a bus and see how you are being transported efficiently across the distances of an urban jungle, while listening to your iPod/iPhone or reading an e-book. This does seem too obvious but it is exactly these marvellous achievements, which we are taking for granted and stopped noticing, that can be the objects of our deliberate wonder, amazement and meditation – all with the purpose of staying in the moment and relax.

To this end I have taken a ride on Vancouver’s Sky Train and recorded a short video (at the beginning of this post – you’ve hopefully already seen it) for you to watch and transport yourself into that train for a brief period of time. Train has no driver – it is fully computerized so I took an opportunity to seat in the would-be driver’s place, with a view not often seen from a train – this is what amazed my mind the most.
Video has no sound and your minds should have no thoughts either – watch it again and clear your mind..


Yours in health,

Dr. Mo

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