About me

Hello, the doctor behind Ask Dr Mo. is me, Momir Pantelic, MD CCFP.  I believe that a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce and in some instances, even eliminate risks for many common illnesses and I dedicate my time with this blog to help people understand what they can do to change their lifestyles towards a more healthy living; this is the main motive behind Ask Dr. Mo project.

I had worked for years on Reproductive Health programs at the United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA in Belgrade, Serbia and had been a teaching fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government – Executive Education. Towards the end of 2012 I moved to Vancouver, Canada together with my family. I am currently practicing Family Physician in Quesnel, BC where I work in a Primary Care clinic, a hospital, an Emergency Department and an Urgent Primary Care Clinic; I also work in Vancouver at MuscleMD clinic, which specializes in Trigger Point Injection treatments for muscle-related pains. 

I went to medical school because I’ve realized I wanted to dedicate my life to helping people stay healthy for longer or live with their condition the best way possible.
My grandfather never had that luck as he had died in 1977 mostly neglected by the medical community, which at the time had little understanding of the Multiple Sclerosis and ways to manage it. His fate is my driver as I am doing my best to spread accurate and current health information to people around me.

I believe knowledge has the power to help people improve their health and improve their lives. I believe prevention is often times the best way to address and preserve human health. By changing our lifestyles and diets by just a little bit, we can reduce our risks for some serious illnesses like diabetes and heart disease by more than 50%.

This is what I want with this web site – to be able to reach out to as many of you as I can, beyond the confines of my local community and by answering some of your questions, to help you understand your conditions and ways to improve and safeguard your health.

I cannot of course give you some very specific medical advice and don’t expect me to, as only your own doctor who sees you and examines you knows you well enough to treat you – always consult your own doctor.

What I can do is help you understand your condition or symptom and provide information you can use to improve and protect your health.