5 very good reasons to love Zucchini

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Dear Dr. Mo: My wife loves zucchini. I am not a big fan but she insists that zucchinis are healthy without stating any specific health benefit. Are zucchini really that healthy? 

Dear reader: Zucchini are indeed very good for your health. They help you control and manage your weight and its vitamins and minerals boost your immune system, health of your heart, skin, eyes and lungs.

One cup of boiled zucchini (according to the USDA), contains as little as 27 calories but it also has 2 g of fiber, which is pretty good!

Here are 5 very specific health benefits and good reasons to have zucchini in your diet (give this list to your wife so that she can have some concrete facts the next time she intuitively advocates for this healthy veggie):

1. Weight

High water content and a good amount of fiber provide a low calorie, low energy food, which fills you up and eases your appetite. Fiber also improve your digestion and bowel movement and all this in turn helps you control your weight.

2. Blood pressure

Magnesium and potassium content is helping to regulate the blood pressure. Potassium play a role in regulating our fluid balance and magnesium is proven to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

3. Vitamins

Zucchini are a very good source of vitamin A, C and Folate (B9).

Vitamin A is important for eye health, skin health and good lung function.

Vitamin C is important in tissue growth and reparation, it plays an anti oxidative role (as well as vitamin A) and is also shown to support respiratory function. Vitamins A and C play a role in preventing some autoimmune disorders like Asthma, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis etc.

Folate is necessary in DNA synthesis and repair, cell division, and cell growth and in pregnant women it is essential for proper fetal development.

4. Regulation of cholesterol

Fiber content helps to regulate the absorption of fat from our gut, and vitamins A and C take part in preventing cholesterol from undergoing a process called ‘oxidization’ in our blood vessels, which in turn slows down (or stops) the onset of atherosclerosis.

5. Hydration

Zucchini have a very high water content – one cup of prepared zucchini has about 170 g of water! Good hydration is important for virtually all body functions, particularly digestion, electrolyte balance and cardiovascular system.

Water also helps us regulate our weight, eliminate toxins and have a healthy skin.

Zucchini is the kind of veggie that packs an abundance of nutrients to support and maintain you good health and your wife was certainly right about this.

Try them with some cooked Cod fish and baby tomatoes on the side, like I did the other day.

Bon appetit.

Yours in health,

Dr. Mo

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