4 super foods to clean up your pipes

Awful but healthy

Awful but healthy

Dear readers, our modern diets are plagued with unhealthful food choices. Many people are struggling with excess weight and our arteries are taking the toll over the years – they begin to accumulate plaque. Plaque buildup increases the chances for heart disease, heart attack and/or stroke.

This basically means accelerated death. Or debilitation. Then death.

We can use a healthy diet to keep our arteries in good shape and preserve their fitness into the old age.

The following 4 foods are very powerful arterial cleansers – I cannot say which of the first three I hate more but these are my top 3 foods I’ll never ever eat even if it kills me. The 4th food is actually pretty cool.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat them and in fact, you’ll benefit greatly if you introduced all 4 to your daily diet. Here’s why:

1. Kiwi

I’m allergic to Kiwi which is too bad because Kiwis are full of flavonoids (same as green tea so I get my dose from there) that cleanse your blood vessels and decrease inflammation. They’re also full of fiber, which improve digestion, help control weight, reduce cholesterol and subsequently lower the risk for heart disease.

2. Shrimp

I simply cannot stomach Shrimp – it’s their taste that’s killing me; but, Shrimp contain taurine, which is great for the arteries because taurine is an amino acid which protects the arteries by stoping fat from crossing the intestinal wall into arteries. This doesn’t really mean you should drink tons of Red Bull for the taurine content – don’t!

3. Sardines

Oh, what smelly fish!

Sardines are simply loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and niacin, both of which are good for your ticker! I wish I could eat them, I really do.

Ok, there’s a food I actually love, and I feed it to my baby as well and it’s super powerful scrubber of the arterial walls (albeit indirectly):


Avocados reduce total blood cholesterol by an average of 17 points, and that’s a proven fact across many studies. If you want to know the complicated name of the chemical that does it – it’s called beta-sitosterol. It’s logical inference now that cholesterol participates in the plaque buildup within your arteries and along their walls so keeping it in check is an awesome insurance policy.

For more on Avocado’s super-food characteristics and why you should eat it every day, read my separate post on Avocado.

I’d say that eating healthy is not always an easy thing to do – junk has more sugar, more grease and costs less so it’s very appealing but try to resist the calling.. and stay alive.

Yours in health,

Dr. Mo

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