3 steps to a happier life

Attain a piece of mind and find a bright side in your life in 3 steps.

Repeat these steps religiously every day for at least 2 weeks and you will find yourself in a different place, a better place, a place of calm, gratefulness and joy.

I recommend you do this every day without an end in mind. Just make it a part of your routine.

I’ve done so and my life has changed for the better.

Step 1.

You are how you feel

You are how you feel

Name 2 things that are stressing you out today.

Why are they stressing you out?

What can you really, practically do about it?

If there is something you can do – Do it!

Ask your self: What’s the worst that can happen and how actually bad that would be? It would certainly be undesirable, but absolutely terrible? Once you’ve visualised the worst posible outcome (say, losing your job), you can realize that there are things out there that are even worse and that this one you can certainly manage (you will find another job).

Step 2.

Now, find and name (at least) 2 positive sides (no matter how small) about each of the 2 things you’ve named.

Promise yourself to focus on these things for the rest of your day.

Think about them. Feel them.

Step 3.

Write down as clearly as you can the 3 things you are grateful for today.

Read them out loud before you go to sleep.

Read them out loud first thing in the morning.

Remember to look for positive aspects in whatever comes your way – you can always find them!

Do not worry about things that may happen in the future – most of the things you worry about will never happen; and also, embrace the uncertainty and understand that bad things do happen but are often not as bad as we imagine them to be. Not worrying doesn’t mean avioding the fact that sometimes things don’t go our way but rather living in the now when most of the time, things are ok.

You are truly free to choose how you will feel about the situations you are in – choose to find a meaning and choose to feel hopeful.

You may write in comments below about your journey and progress or share this page to help others.


Yours in health (and happiness),

Dr. Mo